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FeatureDataGrid throws error when bound to GraphicsLayer containing previously used graphic/feature


The FeatureDataGrid class internally generates new types for each new graphic/feature it is asked to display. During that process, it also creates a list of the graphic's fields. If the FeatureDataGrid.GraphicsLayer is changed to a layer containing a graphic the class has seen before, it skips this generation and reuses one it has stored. The problem arises in that the FeatureDataGrid will use the last of fields used and if the fields have changed, an error is thrown. I've attached a text file of the error message. Recreating the FeatureDataGrid in code cannot work around this as the graphic's generated type is stored in a static history.
I have developed a patch that basically mimics the generated type's behavior and keeps a history of fields so they can be reused when a graphic's type is reused. This patch will be submitted shortly.

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Resolved with changeset 49914.

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